Curriculum Vitae

Profesional Profile

I am a healthcare information and technology executive, team leader, and physician data scientist. Over the past eight years, I have worked with a great team to develop an enterprise platform for the Military Health System that is used by all levels of leadership for strategic measures, and by a large distributed network of providers for population health at the point of care. My expertise includes gathering functional requirements, software development lifecycle, business process development, analytics and research, enterprise measurement, population health, and talent management. What I really spend most of my time doing is translating between groups — whether it be helping technologists understand the requirements of the clinical community, or helping the clinical community understand how to navigate the technology or acquisition process, or helping leadership understand data science findings in support of a decision. My ultimate desire is to use my skills and experience to help transform medicine into a valued experience by both patients and clinicians. I want to help clinicians by providing better uses of technology and innovation, and to improve the quality of care for the patients through education and empowerment and better quality interactions with the healthcare system.

Career Summary

Clinical Data and Analytics Modernization IPT Chair | Current
Deputy Program Manager, Enterprise Intelligence & Data Solutions, DHA | Current
Enterprise Intelligence Branch Chief, DHA | 2013-2016
Health Informatics Division Chief, AF | 2013
Analytics & Population Health Chief, AF, DHA | 2010-2016
Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine, SAUSHEC | 2008-2010
Uniformed Services University On-Site Clerkship Director | 2003-2006
Internal Medicine Teaching Staff, AF | 2001-2006

Key Accomplishments

Military Health System (MHS) Quality, Safety, Access-to-Care Review 2014

  • Responsible for ~40% of analytic work for final report
  • Key member of initial measurement group that selected measures for the Performance Management System (later renamed P4I)
  • Released first enterprise wide business intelligence report in less than 60 days (well ahead of SECDEF deadline)
  • Integrated multiple leadership dashboards for medical and pentagon leadership to maintain clean design and enhance user experience
  • Continued development and support of new quality measures required by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2017
  • Coordinated and supported the Transparency Initiative Group responsible for sharing quality and safety measures data to the public

Carepoint | MHS Population Health Portal

  • Transformed Carepoint into an enterprise platform for all legacy information activities (analytics, visualization, data sharing, business intelligence, registries, etc)
  • Developed and maintained forty clinical registries from clinician requirements to support quality initiatives and population health
  • Fostered innovative culture that allowed for novel user design features such as metadata tagging for ‘micro-registries’, scanning capability for pop-up dashboards in pharmacy, and query development for case identification
  • Incorporated Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups into clinical registries which enable the medical community to identify high risk members of the population in need of extra support
  • Instrumental in release of first ever MHS wide opiate registry which allowed for immediate compliance with opiate risk reduction instructions and policies

Enterprise Measurement

  • Responsible for quality and safety measures refresh and release on a monthly basis since 2010
  • Responsible for Johns Hopkins ACG information refresh and release on a weekly basis since 2010. This information is used globally to balance Patient Centered Medical Home provider empanelments
  • Successfully completed annual National Committee for Quality Assurance audits with perfect marks since 2013 when audits began
  • Supported TRICARE managed care support contractor incentives by providing baseline, and annual audits on quality measure performance for the MHS Quality Clinical Quality Management Office

Enterprise Services

  • Given the mandate by senior leadership to perform Enterprise Data Warehouse consolidation for all legacy data for more efficient use in future electronic health record
  • Established self-service business intelligence capability for the MHS using cyber-hardened version of Tableau
  • Worked closely with senior leadership to stand up registries management board to gather requirements for migration of all identified registries into Carepoint and ultimately into an integrated product with the future electronic health record


Enterprise Data Management
Information Technology Management
Data Science | Analytics
Epidemiology & Research Study Design
Quality and Safety Measurement
Business Intelligence
Population Health | Johns Hopkins Adjusted Clinical Groups

Education & Training

Oregon Health and Science University | 2013 | 3 classes
Recertification - Internal Medicine | 2011
University of Pennsylvania | 2008 | Master of Science - Epidemiology
Board Certification - Internal Medicine | 2001
University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston | 1998 | Doctor of Medicine
Austin College | 1992 | Bachelor of Arts in Biology

Executive Data Science Certification Track [Coursera: Johns Hopkins]
Certificate here
Crash Course in Data Science
Building a Data Science Team
Managing Data Analysis
Data Science in Real Life
Executive Data Science Capstone

Data Science Certification Track [Coursera: Johns Hopkins]
The Data Scientists Toolbox
R Programming
Getting and Cleaning Data
Exploratory Analysis
Reproducible Research
Statistical Inference
Regression Models
Developing Data Products
Practical Machine Learning [in progress]

Database Management
Big Data Foundations: Concepts & Techniques []
NoSQL for SQL Professionals []
Advanced SQL for Data Scientists []
Hadoop Platform and Application Framework []

Cloud Technology []
AWS Solution Architect - Associate [course only, no cert]
Create a Serverless Portfolio
Amazon Web Services for Data Science []

Programming Languages [R, python, Git]
Intro to Python for Data Science []
Intermediate Python for Data Science []
Python and Django Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp [ - in progress]
R Programming: Advanced Analytics in R for Data Science []
R Programming A-Z []
Creating Interactive Presentations with Shiny in R []
R Statistics Essential Training []
Learning Git and Github []

Invited Speaking Engagements [selected]

American Medical Information Association: Enterprise Level Data Restructuring in the Military Health System, Portland Oregon, 2017
Military Health System Data Summit: Analytics in the Military Health System, McLean Virginia, 2017
University of Texas at San Antonio Big Data Symposium: Threats to Big Data in Healthcare, San Antonio Texas, 2017
American College of Preventive Medicine: Population Health in the Military Health System, Portland Oregon, 2017
Health Information and Management Systems Society: The Military Health System Information Portal, Orlando Florida, 2017
Defense Health IT Symposium: The Conundrum of Value vs. Volume Based Care in Military Medicine, Orlando Florida, 2017
Quality Systems Program Assessment Review: Data and Analytics for Quality Initiatives, San Antonio Texas, 2016
Health Information and Management Systems Society: MHS Population Health: The short- and long-term effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries, Co-presented with Dr. Jesus Caban, Las Vegas Nevada, 2016
The Johns Hopkins University 2016 ACG System International Conference: Integrating the ACG System with Business Intelligence in the Military Health System, San Diego California, 2016
Quality Systems Program Assessment Review: Key Metrics in Carepoint and Readmissions, San Antonio Texas, 2015
Defense Health IT Symposium: The Tao of Knowledge: Analytics & Business Intelligence in the Military Health System, Orlando Florida, 2016
Defense Health IT Symposium: Using Adjusted Clinical Groups for Care Coordination in the Military Health System Population Health Portal, Orlando Florida, 2016
Institute for Healthcare Improvement: Population Health in the Military Health System, Orlando Florida, 2016
Defense Health IT Symposium: Mr. Magorium’s Information Emporium: Population Health, Predictive Analytics, and Metadata, Orlando Florida, 2015
Defense Health IT Symposium: Analytics: The DELTA Force, Orlando Florida, 2014
Quality Systems Program Assessment Review: HEDIS Quality of Care Metrics, San Antonio Texas, 2015.
Academy Health: Managing and Using Very Large HER Data Sets for Research and Quality Improvement, 2012


Opioid Use Patterns Among Active Duty Service Members and Civilians: 2006 - 2014. William Kazanis, Mary Jo Pugh, Claudia Tami, Joseph Maddry, Vikhyat Bebarta, Erin Finley, Don McGeary, David Carnahan, Jennifer Potter. Military Medicine, December 27, 2017

Abdominal Circumference Versus Body Mass Index as Predictors of Lower Extremity Overuse Injury Risk. Nathaniel Nye, Drew Kafer, Cara Olsen, David Carnahan, Paul Crawford. Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 4:1-8, 2017

Public Health Surveillance via Template Management in Electronic Health Records: Tri-Service Workflow’s Rapid Response to an Infectious Disease Crisis. Holly Berkley, Matthew Barnes, David Carnahan, Janet Hayhurst, Archie Bockhorst, James Neville. Military Medicine, 182, S1:340, 2017

Metabolic Syndrome in the Military Health System Based on Electronic Health Data, 2009-2012. Catherine Herzog, Susan Chao, Patricia Eilerman, Beverly Luce, David Carnahan. Military Medicine, 180, 1:83, 2015

A Comparison of Obesity Prevalence: Military Health System and United States Populations, 2009-2012. Patrician Eilerman, Catherine Herzog, Beverly Luce, Susan Chao, Sandra Walker, Lee Zarzabal, David Carnahan. Military Medicine, 179, 5:462, 2014

Abdominal Circumference Is Superior to Body Mass Index in Estimating Musculoskeletal Injury Risk. Nathaniel Nye, David Carnahan, Jeff Jackson, CJ Covey, Lee Zarzabal, Susan Chao, Archie Bockhorst, Paul Crawford. Medical and Science in Sports and Exercise, 46, 10:1951-9, 2014

Estimating Diabetes Prevalence in the Military Health System Population from 2006 to 2010. Susan Chao, Lee Zarzabal, Sandra Walker, Catherine Herzog, Patricia Eilerman, Beverly Luce, David Carnahan. Military Medicine, 178, 9:986, 2013

Water, water, everywhere, and not a drop to drink. Invited Editorial. David Carnahan. JAMA Internal Medicine, 174(5): 719-20, 2014

Leveraging the Air Force HSDW for Transformational Healthcare Research. Ritu Agarwal, David Carnahan, Kenyon Crowley, Albert Bonnema, Ahmed Calvo, Seth Eisen, Iain Sanderson. Air Force Medical Service Whitepaper, 2011

Technical Knowlege

Database Management
Data Request Process for Operational Analytics & Research
Functional Language Programmer | see list below
Basic Website Design | HTML, CCS, Static Website Generators
Basic Cloud Technology | Amazon Web Services
Business Intelligence Reports | Tableau, Microsoft, Microstrategy, Qlik

Programming Languages

Python (beginner)
Bash, Git

Reading List

Business and Management
Getting to Yes - Roger Fisher & William Ury
Getting Past No by William Ury
Made to Stick - Chip & Dan Heath
Smarter, Faster, Better - Charles Duhigg
Switch - Chip & Dan Heath
The Power of Habit - Charles Duhigg
The ONE Thing - Gary Keller
Good to Great - Jim Collins
Better and Faster - Jeremy Gutsche
The Four Disciplines of Execution - Franklin Covey
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Patrick Lencioni
Crucial Conversations - Patterson, Grenny, McMillian, Switzler
The Toyota Way - Jeffrey Liker

The Speed of Trust - Franklin Covey
Extreme Ownership - Jocko Willink & Leif Babin
Turn that Ship Around - David Marquet
Creating Magic - Lee Cockerell
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey
Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance - Atul Gawande
The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive - Patrick Lencioni

Data and Analytics
Big Data Baseball - Travis Sawchik
Big Data - Viktor Mayer-Schonberger & Kenneth Cukier
Keeping Up with the Quants - Tom Davenport
Analytics at Work - Tom Davenport