This project stemmed from my desire to experiment with cloud technology as I continue to grow my data science skills. Since I am approaching my last year of active duty service, I decided to document a years worth of ‘off-duty’ activity. If things go as planned – there will be several projects that cover these key domains:

Databases, Analytics and Statistics, Machine Learning, Cloud Technology, Big Data, Coding, and Population Health

Why the title Confessions of a Data Scientist?

Too often, I read pristine blogs which offer up a solution of how the author solved a problem, but when I try to replicate their approach I find they usually leave a critical step out. These little oversights can soak up hours of wrangling. I plan to document my daily challenges as well as the solutions. I hope to have a shiny presentation at the end, but there will always be the daily logs to review for the blow-by-blow struggle that comes with each project. I will also provide access to my github repositories for each project. I plan to push the changes in any coding to document the often eratic path to success.

All in all, this blog will be about me learning, and sharing. I hope it will be helpful, and where not helpful, maybe entertaining to watch as this medical doctor stumbles his way through the wondrous world of technology.